Grocery Shopping Tours and Other Profitable PromotionsDear Grocery Shopper,

  • Do food labels confuse you? What does it all mean?
  • Reduced fat, ½ the fat, fat-free, lo-fat, no trans-fat…
  • What's the difference between no carb, low carb and alcohol carb?
  • Are you confused by claims like sugar free, light, less and fewer?
  • Whole wheat vs. whole grain is there a difference?
  • Are you confused by marketing gimmicks and fancy packaging?


We know just how confusing and frustrating it can be to make healthy choices at the grocery store. It's our desire to clear misconceptions and help you understand how vital it is to make the right choices... because what you and your family eat accounts for 90% of the "battle of the bulge!" Exercise is important, but your diet, more so than anything else, determines your ability to lose weight, get fit and be healthy.

That's precisely why Desert Boot Camp offers Grocery Shopping Tours.

With so many choices to make in the grocery aisle it's a wonder we can decide at all between products. Discover the missing link to your success once and for all.

Join your fellow shoppers and Desert Boot Camp to discover:

  • How to quickly and easily make the most Healthy and delicious choices for you and your family.
  • How to put together healthy meals and snacks in a snap!
  • How to know what low fat, light, less, lower and other food labels really mean.
  • What's better: butter or margarine, frozen or fresh, low fat or low carb? (The answers will surprise you.)
  • How to finally stop dieting and make healthful eating a natural part of your life!


Grocery Shopping Tours and Other Profitable PromotionsStop blaming yourself and finally learn to choose foods that energize you, work to boost your metabolism and help you feel the best you have in your life. Selecting foods for you and your family will become an enjoyable and understandable process, not a confusing chore! Registration for this exclusive Grocery Shopping Tour is limited to the first 12 people to contact us.

$20 early registration, $25 at the door - make your reservation now and bring a friend for just $15 more. Discover how to double your energy, burn fat and get healthy.

Date: To be determined 
Location: 78-271 State Hwy 111, La Quinta

» 3-5% reduction in body fat
» 5-12 pounds of weight loss
» 1-3" decrease in the midsection
» 25% increase in strength
» 25% improvement in endurance
» Better relaxation
» Greatly improved posture
» 100% gain in self-confidence
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